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Covering Every Aspect of Furniture Delivery and Installation

At Office Station, our job isn’t complete until we see your project through to the end. From start to finish, we make it a priority to have our clients fully satisfied with the delivery of their furniture, which is why our full-service team is dedicated to making sure everything is brought to you on time and implemented properly.

Get What You Need With Every Service and Solution

Whether your project is relatively small or large in scope and requires a large volume of furniture, we’ll keep the delivery and installation processes consistently smooth and efficient.


We work to oversee and manage every part of the process, leaving no hassle to you. We package each furniture project for delivery to your location, assigning packaging and delivery to one of our world-class carriers before tracking the delivery to its final destination.

Once you receive your furniture pieces, we can help unlead, stage the project, and install each piece accordingly in a timely manner.

Get the Project Done Right the First Time

To ensure our customers are consistently satisfied with our services, we work with them along with our carriers to facilitate consistently efficient and timely delivery. You’ll be able to receive your furniture as soon as you need it, and our teams will further ensure your office space looks its best when we install each piece where it needs to go.

If you want to make any adjustments to your furniture setup, we can make any necessary changes to leave you happy with the final installation. You can count on our experts to complete the project successfully from the time you turn to us for design assistance to the moment we’ve installed the final furniture piece.


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