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Commercial Space Planning


Commercial Space Planning to Your Specifications

Commercial space planning is the first step in building an attractive, efficient office space. Regardless of the scope of your commercial office project or the designated time frame, space planning is always critical.

If you require commercial space planning services to make the most of an available space, Office Station is here for you.

A Comprehensive Space Planning Process

Through commercial space planning, you’ll develop a specific business plan for your project. Throughout the process, we’ll gather as much information as possible about your >>




Operating procedures

Job functions

Departmental functions

Design criteria

Spatial needs

Office furniture and equipment

Based on all of this information, we can gain a deep understanding of your unique organizational needs and establish the general character, quality, and parameters of the project.

Benefit from an Effective Office Plan That’s Right for You

Regardless of your needs when it comes to commercial space planning, the experts at Office Station are here to meet them by working closely with you on every project. To help you get the best results while helping you maximize your budget, we offer free space planning for all our customers. We’ll learn the ins and outs of your project to come up with a design that’s best-suited to your facilities.

To get started on your next commercial space planning project with us, simply provide our design team with a DWG (CAD) file or a PDF file with accurate measurements. We’ll then be able to get to work on your project.


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