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Schools, State or Federal, Office Station is the GSA Answer

Office Station provides office furniture solutions at competitively bid pricing to local government entities, including cities, counties, municipalities, districts, and special districts. Our commitment to leadership and service is the perfect mix to specify, design, supply, ship, and install your next project allocation.

Handle Every Aspect of Your Furniture Projects

One of the main advantages of working with Office Station is the ability to cover every aspect of your projects with the help of a one-stop shop. We’ll assist with design and planning to determine which furniture selections and layouts will work best for your government offices. We can then provide delivery and installation to properly implement the project from start to finish. We can also act as consultants if you want to make any adjustments or upgrades to your office space.

We understand what facilities in this industry need and work to give it to every customer in this space based on their individual specifications.

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In addition to supplying you with some of the best furniture available to meet your design preferences and space requirements, we offer a number of services that will ensure you get the most from every product in our inventory. Learn about each of our helpful services below and see what we can do for you.

Design & Onsite Consultation

If you need assistance designing your office space and selecting the right furniture based on your layout and desired configuration, Office Station provides design and onsite consultation services. We can visit your office to get a feel for what will work best and design a custom planning solution that will give you the best possible results.

Commercial Space Planning






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